I hit the jackpot when I hired Lynn for the job of preparing my home for sale.  She knew exactly what to do and how to advise on everything from color coordination to special garden touches.  Her confident enthusiasm put my fears to rest when she stated that every house she's staged has sold.  That certainly was true in my case.  My house sold and in one week's time!  Thanks, Lynn, for a job well done.



Thanks so much Lynn. Glad you were able to stage our home. Our house sold 4 days after it was listed. It's a testament to your thoughtful staging design. I also want to thank you for helping our family with interior design of our new home. It's beautiful, functional & exactly what we needed. Thanks again Lynn.



Lynn, our house is another perfect example of how beautiful staging helps sell houses quickly. It's exactly what we wanted, it's perfect. Thanks for all your work...I'm planning on this selling fast! Cheers to you,



Thanks for the encouragement!  And for the terrific staging work. That house could be the poster child for Staging Sells. It just wouldn't have sold, let alone for nearly $60k over list, if you hadn't worked to make it look so fabulous. Take care of yourself too! 

All the best,



Diane has been and continues to be a wonderful real estate person. Her driven attitude about successful sales of homes and raw property is outstanding,  For example, the sale of my home in Leavenworth couple years back, she was able to get a professional, experienced person to capture photos inside & drone pictures-videos outside. Ultimately, it sold quickly and a no hassle deal.